Simplicity 1099 skirt in black Prada satin

It’s Prada, Dahling

I think Summer is definitely on its way now, given that the recent trend in London seems to be that we get at least one hot day for every miserable one. Yep, it’s almost June and we’re still getting days where you need to wear a sweater.

Oh, how I miss living in Malaysia where you knew it was going to be at least 25 degrees every day – British weather is just *so* confusing. I can wear an outfit one day, and guarantee that if I wear it again the following day I will either boil or freeze.

But with ‘summer’ (lol) approaching, that means that my warmer-weather makes from last year are once again seeing the light of day, yay! But… they are also being critically assessed against my current (improved) level of sewing compared to that of a year ago. There’s some movin’ and a shakin’ going on in my wardrobe, and inevitably that means there’s gonna be some casualties.

Thankfully, I seem to have made good fabric choices for *most* of my handmades from last year, this Deer and Doe Melilot shirt being the exception:

Deer and Doe Melilot blouse

Ewwwwww salmon pink, what was I thinking?! ?‍♀️ #barf #I’mBeingRehomed

My very first Kielo, the one that started them all, still remains one of my most favourite items in my wardrobe. It made me happy to bring it back out of storage (and by ‘storage’ I mean the bag it was shoved in at the back of the wardrobe) and hang it next to all the Kielos that came after it. I’m willing to overlook any amount of wobbly stitching, dodgy seamlines, or basically just any fault whatsoever with this dress. Love is blind, and this dress has poked me right in both eyeballs.

So purdy. ?

Named Patterns Kielo wrap dress Ganesha fabric

Talking about beautiful dresses, unless you’re LITERALLY living under a rock you’ll know that yesterday was the Big Royal Wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became husband and wife. I’m not really in to the whole Royal Family frenzy thing, but I’ll admit that I was very interested to see the dress – and very quickly underwhelmed. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful bride, but I was just a little disappointed by the Givenchy number. To me, if you took that veil off, the dress would look more ‘office formal’ than wedding.

Kate’s dress, on the other hand, I thought was absolutely beautiful – Meghan’s just doesn’t really do it for me. It’s just so… solid. Sorry love, it’s nothing personal, but your dress just ain’t my thang.

Anyway, back to business!

This week’s post is about a Prada satin skirt that had been forgotten about for a little while – I actually made it last October, which was a bit of a satin-fest month for me as I was making my Vogue/Badgley Mishka birthday dress at the same time. I still totally love this dress, even though I’ll probably wear it like twice in the next ten years, and the day it went live on the blog (my birthday!) remains by far the most views the blog has has had in one single day EVER.

Vogue Badgley Mischka V1534 black satin and gold sequin dress

But the poor Prada skirt never got its moment on the blog, despite me actually being pretty pleased with how it turned out, and it’s been sitting there in the ‘draft’ posts bin of WordPress until today.

I’d had my eye on this Simplicity 1099 pattern for a while, purely for that hot pink skirt. I mean, look at it. It’s a thing of beauty. (And not just because it’s pink, though that may or may not be a factor). When Minerva Crafts said that they were looking for product testers for their Prada satin crepe, I knew that it would be PERFECT for this skirt!

It was actually a pretty quick make, and the satin was really nice to work with. It’s got a bit of weight to it which means it doesn’t fly around the cutting board like you’d expect with a satin. I do recommend reinforcing the top of that thigh slit though, as my thighs were putting a fair bit of strain on it ?

I really love the silhouette of this skirt on me, it’s quite flattering on the waist and hips (even to the point of looking a bit Kardashian-esque in some of the rear shots ?). I did sort-of-loosely consider shortening the pattern to make a knee-length pencil skirt to wear to work, but never got round to it… though I bet it would look good in a tweedy wool for Autumn. Perhaps I’ll add that to my mental list of sewing plans for AW18 (which is already hideously too long).

If you’d like to read the original post that was on the Minerva blog, you can head on over to it here. There’s lots of construction deets, words and finer points about the skirt on the full post, but if you’d like to go visual and check out all the pictures instead, keep on scrollin’ ?

I’m wearing this skirt with a RTW top from The Kooples – it’s a leopard print silk number that I got on sale a couple of years ago and still love. It’s nothing fancy, just a basic silk tee. I’ve always wanted to copy it and sew multiples of this style, as I wear it a lot for work – it’s smarter than a regular jersey t-shirt, but without the faff of wearing a shirt. Over the head and go. I’ve sort of been half keeping an eye out for sewing patterns that might fit the bill but never found anything – until I came across the Grainline Scout Tee the other day.

Now I realise that I am probably EXTREMELY late to the party with this one, possibly even the last sewist on the planet to realise the existence of this pattern, but better late than never, amirite? It’s a tee that’s specifically drafted for wovens! Not jerseys! Yay! I’m hoping that this is the saviour to the huge gap in my wardrobe, and if it is, I’m going to be churning these out quicker than my dog hoovers up dropped food off the floor.

Thanks so much to everyone that took the time to read and respond to last week’s post on sustainability, I’ve been mulling all the comments over in my head and trying to come to some sort of clarity on what the future of this blog looks like (don’t panic though – I can assure you that the weekly posts are almost certainly here to stay). It’s been really valuable to get so many different points of view, and I promise I haven’t forgotten to respond to you all.

I’ve had this past week off work (and my word has it FLOWN by – way quicker than if I’d actually been at work) so I’ve had some time to really consider where I want Wanderstitch to go, and the level of effort this might require from me (and the husbeast who of course is generously volunteering as much of his time as is needed) to get it there (hint: I’ve got bigger future plans for world domination, lol). Next week I’m going to be talking about all the different angles and opinions that were covered from the comments both here on the blog and on Facebook, and how these have helped me reconcile my sewing hobby with some of the conflicts of consumption and excess. Also I’ll be giving you the update on what I achieved this last week – what I sewed, what the husband sewed (YAS!) which patterns I bought, and a sneak peek of the photoshoots we did! (No more exotic Paris locations I’m afraid, back to good ol’ London Taaan innit)

Are you wearing all of your seasonal makes from last year again now? (If you live somewhere that has seasons, obvs). Have you sewn the Scout Tee? Did you watch the Royal Wedding? What did you think of the dress?

Coming up next week on the Wanderstitch blog… the full lowdown on my sewing achievements from the past week ✂️ Subscribe below to make sure you don’t miss out!  

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10 thoughts on “It’s Prada, Dahling

  1. Hi, I too thought Megan’s dress a tad plain, but…shes young beautiful and now very rich,, I did feel very sorry for her mum all alone, come on Lizzie why couldn’t she sit by Harry’s family, she looked so lost .
    Love the elephant print you’re so brave and the skirt fabric is lush, I’m just going to order that tee pattern now…so like you I’m way behind, but hey…i always am..


  2. Wowser, that skirt! Va va voom or what?
    No Scout for me [and with no darts, not likely to be, as it would look like scrubs]. My summery stuff is starting to come out again, wore my linen V1410 this week and the other versions are screaming to come out. Then of course it went freezing cold again the next day. Sigh.
    In heaviest rotation right now are the ridiculously baggy V9114 Brenne trousers. LOVE THEM SO MUCH. My kielo with the lacey overdress is still in the wardrobe as it’s a bit special occasion.
    I need some summer maxi skirts though, and have one matched to fabric waiting to be cut out.
    Meanwhile, a wedding dress to finish…lots of black lace appliques to sew on by hand. Gah.


  3. Wow this skirt is so stunning (and you in it too obviously)! I have a big wedding in October and I wonder if would be a good choice maybe 🙂
    You’re lucky you can wear some of your seasonal makes again, here in south of Germany it´s still pretty cold 😦
    I’m really looking forward to see what you have to say about the scout tee, I only tried the Lark tee and it didn’t work that well on me because of my broad shoulder (when I did my adjustment the armhole looked kind of weird even though it was jersey), so I’m always kind of reluctant to try to sew woven tops ^^
    I really like Meghan’s dress, even if it was pretty simple, I feel like it says “I’m so beautiful I don’t need anything fancy” you know. I guess it’s kind of her way to try to fit in in her new family and responsibility somehow 🙂


  4. I’m not late to the Scout Tee party, I wasn’t invited 🙂 No shaping in it means it would hang off my full bust and look like a maternity outfit. Not a good look at 66. The TV remained switched off yesterday, I’m not interested in the pomp of Royal weddings. I knew Meghan’s dress would be plain and simple, as that’s her style. I wasn’t keen on the neckline, but the veil was something else, with all that fabulous embroidery.
    I am working on weight loss so that I can get into last years makes. Things have gotten a little out of hand recently. The weather is still a bit naff, so there’s time. I do need some new dresses and tops and fancy some palazzos, too, for comfort rather than style. Fabric shopping is on the agenda.


  5. Great blog as usual Sarah ??? I didn’t watch the royal wedding of no interest to me, did see pics of her dress on fb nice neckline but first thought was oh that’s plain and simple… nice skirt… I don’t have the t shirt pattern missed the boat on that one, but might be tempted to buy it as I always sew with wovens, a bit nervous to try jerseys ???


  6. I loved the simplicity of Meghan’s dress… surely a symbol of a pared back ‘not about me’ message paired with the inclusive beauty and detail of the Commonwealth flowers embroidered on her veil.


  7. When I started sewing I think my second or third garment was the Scout Tee. That was before I knew about fba’s, fsa’s or fitting much at all and when it was done I was not impressed over moon by any means. Potato sack probably would have been more flattering. A couple of years later I returned to the pattern with measurements and a keenness to try out all my newly-minted altering muscle. I did an fba (2 darts) an fsa, back fish-eye darts AND a hem facing. Turned out lovely in a drapey viscose (not so great in cotton). I just finished the Farrow dress by Grainline in linen and did all the same things AGAIN. Grainline makes great patterns but I think of them more like “blocks” at least for me. I’ve been wearing my Ogden camis quite a bit – love that Ogden pattern. So simple yet so exquisite. The Royal wedding wasn’t big in our household (here in Victoria BC Canada it IS rather a big deal though I must say!) One tidbit that caught my attention that I thought was rather…well tacky comes to mind 🙂 was all those 1200 “ordinary folk” so kindly invited were also expected to bring their own lunch and beverages. Truly? The 600 billionaires inside were to be treated to probably the most luscious lunch imaginable while those sweet volunteers were expected to bring their own? Seems a bit dodgy to me. But then things like that always snag my notice 🙂


  8. A few weeks ago you asked which copy printer I used for pdf patterns. It’s They are excellent.


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