NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1316

Refreshin’ my obsession

So I’ve made what must be my fifth (Sixth? Seventh? Let’s be honest who’s counting ??‍♀️) Kielo dress.

Yes, I would happily just wear versions of this dress for 90% of the time.

No, I don’t consider myself to have a problem.

My inner finance nerd is particularly happy that I’m maxing out the value for money-ness of this pattern ??

giphy 192

In case you’re unfamiliar with the pattern, this is the Kielo dress by Named Patterns. It’s a full-length wrap dress, designed to be made from jersey fabrics (although woven fabrics do work for the sleeveless version – as discovered here). As a rule, I don’t wear wrap bodices (they make my boobs look funny – I mean do you wrap them under or over the boob? ?) or wrap skirts (because breezes, and also: getting them tucked in your underpants after having a wee) but this, my friends, is most definitely the exception to that rule. It doesn’t really count as a ‘wrap dress’ anyway, because the wrap is a sort of faux wrap – it’s just ‘wings’ really. If you picture a sugar glider then you ain’t gonna go far wrong.

55801270 F870 0D58 70CFC6C6EB7668A3

Named Patterns Kielo Wrap Dress

It also just so happens to be secret pyjamas – the jersey is super comfy and there are no waistbands to dig in or too-small legs to constrict your thighs #winning. I used to *hate* sewing with jersey fabrics and did everything I could to avoid it – but this dress pattern lured me in and I’ve not looked back since ?

My first few Kielos that I made were short sleeve, because that’s how the pattern is written. Then one day, I stumbled across a long sleeve add-on on the Named website and my mind was blown. This meant I could wear my Kielos all year round rather than just in the summer ? (You can go find that add-on here).

Named Patterns Kielo Wrap Dress

For my first long sleeved Kielo, I bought some beautiful pink leopard jersey which turned out to be WAY. TOO. THIN. I couldn’t bear to give up my dream of the dress, so I steamed on ahead with a stretchy jersey lining. I couldn’t really decide on the best method to line the dress, so I went with duplicating all the pieces from the lining and then basting the corresponding lining piece to the outer piece and using them together as one. In my head, this seemed like a logical approach, but once the dress was finished I realised my error – the leopard fabric draped more than the lining, and at the bottom of the dress there were ripples. Bollocks.

Named Patterns Kielo Wrap Dress

Despite this, I still love the dress and when the temperature starts to fall in London, this dress comes out every year (it’s pretty warm because of the lining ?)

I’d been wanting to make another long sleeve dress ever since that one, but struggled to find the right fabric – you know how fussy I am ??‍♀️ Along with finding the right print, I also wanted the right composition and weight of fabric – no polyester nonsense, and it had to be weighty enough so that I wouldn’t be showing off my bum to the whole world ?

I spent so long searching. SO LONG. In the end, I took a punt on some black and maroon jersey from Girl Charlee – out of desperation more than anything, I think, because I wasn’t really 100% in love with the print. They are a well-known store, so I thought (hoped) the quality would be good if nothing else.

I duly ordered my 2 metres of the fabric in the sale and felt pretty pleased with myself. Only then did I realise that I forgot to add on the extra fabric requirement for the sleeves, so I called them up the next morning and the guy on the phone was very helpful and said yes I could add that extra half metre onto my order – just place another order through the website and they will refund me the additional postage charge that would be added. He kept to his word and the postage was refunded sharpish – I was quite impressed.

When the fabric arrived, I was a little disappointed to see that it was indeed quite thin. Much like t-shirt material, where I was hoping for something a little bit thicker. Plus, when stretched, white areas showed through the black. The dress would have to be lined, again. FFS. The pitfalls of buying online, hey. I was even more narked off to find that after I prewashed the fabric, the black sections turned a little bit less black and a little bit more white and fuzzy ? Not impressed with this fabric, so far, and not a good start to the dress.

giphy 193

I broke out the jersey lining again, and decided to go for a different approach this time – I planned to make a complete second Kielo shell from the lining, and join the two shells at the wrists and neckline, and hem them separately. SCREW YOU RIPPLES, YOU’RE NOT GETTING ME A SECOND TIME.

To be honest, though, I didn’t really want another Kielo that was lined – but I continued, determined not to be beaten.

img 3791

img 3792

I made the lining without the ‘wings’ of the outer – because it seemed unnecessary to have all that fabric on both layers ??‍♀️ (that massive bump on the side is for my ass and hips ??) The shell and lining came together well separately, but not so well when it came to attaching them to each other. I got the sleeves twisted – more than once – and cursed the bloody dress. The neckline was more of a shambles: So. Much. More. It waved and rippled all over the show. I unpicked it, but the jersey didn’t take too kindly to it. The white bits that I scowled at when the fabric was stretched were back with a vengeance. It just looked a right state. Perhaps I should have used my walking foot. Perhaps I should have used seam stabiliser. Perhaps I should have just bought a better fabric to start with.

I tried the dress on, to try and encourage myself to keep going with it – but I didn’t even like it. The colours were too dull, and the white-stretch hideousness could be seen quite clearly. The whole thing went in a charity bag – whether for clothing or rags, I didn’t care, I just wanted it out of my sight.

img 3800

Determined to have my long sleeved Kielo, I began the search for fabric again. This time, I picked up some uber-loud jersey from The colours would compensate for the failings of the Girl Charlee dull-fest. When it arrived, it was just as loud in real life as it looked on screen – but it was slightly thinner than I’d hoped. To be fair, it was a standard weight jersey – I was just used to the double-layer snugness of my first long sleeved Kielo. It would do. It wasn’t see through, at least, and the colours were ??

img 3655

This was all happening in the run-up to our trip to New York (yeah, I’m that behind with blogging this, and I still have more NYC pics to come ?), so the husbeast volunteered to cut it out for me. He’s a good’un, that one. That’s why the pattern matching on the back is on point – he’s OCD like that ? The front, though, is a slightly different story. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR PATTERN PLACEMENT GUYS – so that you don’t end up with what looks like boobs on your boobs ?

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1310

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1358

Ah well. There are worse things in the world ??‍♀️?

If you serge/overlock the edges of the Kielo, the whole thing comes together pretty damn quick. There’s the back vent to navigate though, which can make overlocking that edge a bit tricky – but it can be done.

img 4443

img 4434 1

img 4440

img 4814 1

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1389

Just be sure to earn your ‘Good Sewist Badge’ and finish off the ends of the serger threads! My fave method is using one of those big-ass blunt needles to take the ends back on themselves, through the seam.

img 4435 1

The adjustments I make to the Kielo pattern are to lop about four inches off the bottom, and a good couple of inches off the sleeves – I swear these dresses are drafted for a giant ? (I’m 5’6 ish, for reference). For future makes I might take some of the volume out of the lower back of the dress (there are darts there, but perhaps they need to be a bit bigger as I always have some excess fabric going on there) and I’d like to make the neck of the dress a little less boat-neck-y, and more like a T-shirt. Or maybe even a polo neck, for the winter versions at least (because cold ☃️) – the summer ones can still have the larger neck opening.

I find that even though you have to redraft the armholes to attach the sleeves (don’t worry, the new cut lines are provided in the sleeve add-on), the sleeves still have a tendency to pull that neckline even further towards the shoulders ? I’m just not a fan of really wide necks, and it bugs me when bra straps are showing ?

img 4820

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1383

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1379

I used a double fold hem on the neck (is it still a hem if it’s on the neck? I dunno ??‍♀️) whereas on the leopard one I used non-stretch bias tape. Both methods work if I’m honest – probably as good as each other. The only thing I worry about with this one is that the seam will break under pressure – it’s just a regular straight stitch ?

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1375

This is the first Kielo that I’ve made since I had my coverstitch machine (there’s a blog post coming on my new machines soon, y’all ??) and it has totes upped my hem game – you just have to make sure you secure those ends because they unravel like a bastard if they get going ? I’m wondering whether I should have used it on the neckline too, rather than the sewing machine, to give it a bit of stretch ?

img 4815 1

img 4816 1

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll probably know that I Just. Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. This. Dress. Seriously, they are SO comfy, and it makes cycling to work that much easier because my backpack is lighter from carrying just the one dress rather than jeans and a T-shirt (I have to think about these things now ?). I’ve got two more cut out and ready to sew, using a couple of fabrics I picked up in New York for that particular purpose – they are both summer ones.

This dress saw a fair bit of action in my Me Made May efforts, which highlights the fact that I really need to make more long sleeved ones so that I’m not wearing the same one over and over and over… but that means finding more nice fabrics ? I’ve got a little bit of a head start there though because I recently bought some AMAZING rainbow leopard print fabric from a new-to-me fabric company: Enchanted Fabrics. They’re based in Lincolnshire in the UK, and I was so in love with one of their prints that I was tagged in on the ‘gram that I bought it in cotton jersey, bamboo jersey AND sport/swim jersey too ?? But honestly, it’s SUCH an amazing print:

img 8438


My thanks go to craftyclyde and cazzie_young for being the sparks that ignited this fire ✨⚡️?? I want this fabric to become a long-sleeved Kielo, with the polo neck from the Megan Nielsen Rowan Tee:

Screenshot 2019 06 08 at 12.14.44

I’m figuring I’ll just take the Rowan tee pattern front and sleeves as they are, and chop the back in half (to allow for the back vent of the Kielo). I’ll merge it into the Kielo from the armpits down. Simples, right? Fo sho though I ain’t gonna test it out on the leopard print (just in case it doesn’t work in reality the same way it works in my head) so I’ll nab a couple of metres of something else to do a test run.

In other news, it was the doggos’ birthdays a couple of weeks back – they are nine years old now ? We’re not sure of their exact birthdates, because of their street-dog origins, but we guessed Leela’s based on how many teeth she had when we found her (a few, so we assumed she was about four weeks old ??‍♀️) and we did Fry on the same basis ? Neither of them is particularly photogenic, but I do think Fry looks extremely wise and majestic (for once) in his birthday hat so I just had to share ??

img 8119

Handsome, right? Just a shame he doesn’t have the smarts as well as the looks (he stoopid ?)

We’re just about surviving the cycling to work (SO tired atm) but it’s uber-nice to be out in the sunshine instead of being stuck on a gross commuter train. I really want to get into sewing my own activewear for the gym/cycling, I’m midway through my first pair of Avery Leggings, and I’ve just bought the Greenstyle Creations Endurance Sports bra – this maker’s version is GOALS, amirite? ?

Screenshot 2019 06 08 at 12.24.17

So many plans, so little time ?

I’ll leave you with some more pics of what shall forever be known as my boob-on-boob Kielo, courtesy of a nice little spot in New York’s Central Park ??

Happy sewing Sunday! ✂️

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1256

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1355

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1308

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1279

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1301

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1373

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1363

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1238

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1332

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1316

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1226

NYC Central Park Named Patterns Kielo Dress 1338

Next week on the blog is another NYC shoot (trying to get these all up before it reaches the point of being an embarrassingly long delay ?) – it’s the Republique Du Chiffon Charlotte Skirt, denim edition ?Subscribe below to have it drop straight into your inbox! ??

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18 thoughts on “Refreshin’ my obsession

  1. I love all your Kielos. I think the ruched hem of the pink leopard Kielo is a design feature- right. The Kielo suits so many people that I am very tempted to try one myself BUT I must NOT buy more fabric (which I have been saying for ever but still have bought 4 pieces in the last week) and the only fabric I have in my stash that is suitable is very beige, which would only make me look totally beige all over and not a stunning work of art the way your Kielos do.. Have you thought about making a separate petticoat that could go under your Kielos so you would not have to keep lining those where the fabric turns out to be too thin? We both suffer from Swivelling Skirt Syndrome and you suggested in response to my comment on this that my garment could be too tight or need lining- just shows that the same problem does not necessarily have the same cause (maybe it is the way I walk) as none of my skirts are tight and most are lined and, for those not lined, I have devised some petticoats in anti-static fabric to wear with them thus not having to line every single skirt. Does that sentence make sense?


    1. Ahh thank you! You know the Kielo is my fave ? I said at the start of the year that I wouldn’t buy more fabric, and while I’ve *mostly* stuck to that (?) I have broken that promise to buy a couple of pieces that I would have totally regretted to have passed up. So it’s not like I’m just buying for the sake of it… rather I’m choosing WAY more carefully. That’s acceptable, right?! ?
      If it’s between you buying more fabric and using the beige… you have my permission to buy more fabric ?
      Hmm. I haven’t thought about a Kielo petticoat – that’s actually a pretty good idea! ? I haven’t made slips for ‘regular’ skirts, because I don’t actually have that many and they are all different lengths, but my Kielos are all the same length so I could just make one slip and wear it with any of the dresses… GENIUS! Thank you! ?


  2. He might have no brains , but …lady luck was on the sides of these 2 darling 4 legs as you gave them a forever home, all any 4 legs wants…DONT BUY ..ADOPT…please xxx from Noah’s Ark Animal abuse farm see Facebook
    noahsark87 I know it’s not a fabric related beg, but….you do love a 4 leg so fingers crossed you dont mind. And we have over 50 sets of 4 legs , horses, goats, sheep pigs, dogs cats… that need your cyber friends support, please like and follow us xxxx we cang help any animal with out your help.
    Not forgetting, I adore the kilo dress on you but my hips are far to fat to try it out, I definitely don’t need extra fabric around them, though I do feel the cold so much like you xx
    And the Friday shop days are going well I hope? Xxx
    Cindy xx


    1. Hi Cindy! Yes, the Friday’s are going well, thank you! I find the Kielo is actually quite flattering on my larger hips – I think it’s because the wrap-around bit helps reduce the bulk and stop layers from overwhelming the body. Only one way to find out I guess… try it once, and if you don’t like it, lesson learned ?


  3. Fab frock kiddo! I’m not a fan of bra strap flashing necklines either, or ones finished with just a hem. Well jealous of the coverstitch…one day, one day perhaps.
    Frumble Fabrics’ ‘premium jersey’ is a fabulous weight, lots of elastane in the cotton for recovery, great colours…I recommend it.


    1. Thankssssss! Honestly, the coverstitch was a right ball ache to start with but I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it – and it’s SUPER useful. I 100% recommend it – treat yo’ self ? Ooh I do like Frumble but not seen their jersey – gonna check it out, thanks! ?


  4. Love your new fabric from Enchanted Fabrics. I will give them a look. I love all your Keilos, additional bobs not withstanding 🙂 I haven’t yet made one for myself, but I am tempted. I am not keen on boat necklines, so that’s put me off a bit I think, but I could alter that, I guess. I already have one dress cut out and half sewn, plus the fabric and patterns for another dress, a lightweight jacket and three tops. I ought to get on with those, but I’m into quilting atm; I have a birthday gift to complete, so under pressure. Happy sewing.


    1. Ah Bren you know I would totally, 100% recommend you make a Kielo ? Honestly they are SO comfy, and fitting needed is minimal because you just wrap it around you! I am defo going to look at changing the neckline, it’s just too wide on me. I think I must have large shoulders, because on the other versions I see the neckline is nowhere near as wide ?
      How’s the quilting going – did you make the birthday deadline? I really like the look of quilts (and I saw one the other day of the NYC skyline that I loved – if ever there was a quilt for me to make it was THIS) but just haven’t taken that plunge.
      Sounds like you’ve got quite a sewing queue going on there! I too have a lot of projects at various stages of cutting out or half started, there just aren’t enough free hours in the day to get it all done ???


  5. I’m so pleased that you got the amazing fabric from Enchanted Fabrics, it will make a gorgeous Keilo. I really love the look of the keilo but I’m barely 5′ tall, so maxi length dresses really aren’t my thing. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and the guest appearances from the handsome husbeast ?


    1. Thank youuuuuu for the heads up on the fabric! I love it ??? I’ve already used the bamboo jersey to make a T-shirt, its so pretty! I’ve seen a few people shorten the Kielo to knee length, and it still looks good – you could try that ? Ahh yay I’m so happy you enjoy the blog! There is another post in the works from the Handsome Husbeast… keep your eyes peeled ??


  6. I have followed your love of Kielos and enjoy your enthusiasm, (and have seen so many others), but they look too narrow at the ankle. They don’t look all that easy to walk (or climb stairs) in.

    Love the enchanted fabric, also!!

    Completely sympathize with the desire not to show the bra straps (even if they are pretty.). Call me old-fashioned; I’m old enough to take it.


    1. Ahh thanks Rebecca – glad you enjoy the blog! ? The Kielos do have a back vent, so stairs haven’t (as yet) proved to be a challenge, though I think I do unconsciously hold up the skirt as I’m going upstairs so I don’t trip over it ?
      And I’m not going to call you old-fashioned – because I’m right there with ya ?? It’s just weiiiiiird, and on par with those youngsters that have their jeans round under their ass with their underwear showing ????‍♀️


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