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About me!


Welcome to WanderStitch 🙂

I’m Sarah; 30-something pink-and-purple-haired crazy-lady. I’m here to share with you my journey of creating things with needle and thread.

The story behind the name of this blog starts with my love of travel, the wanderlust that I so frequently get, dreaming of all the places I would like to visit. I imagine this feeling to be similar to the thoughts that needles and thread would get when thinking about the amazing garments they could be the foundations for… oh the possibilities! All the different fabrics! Colours! Dreaming whether they will end up being part of a sleeve or pocket, of a silky blouse or warm wool coat. You get the idea.

I’m currently based in London but dream of one day living in NYC. I lived in Asia for a couple of years a little while back, and brought back my two little furkids from there. I’m a dog mum, a pianist, a cyclist, and when I’m not sewing I can usually be found working in finance to pay for fabric, buttons and patterns.


Pink things, sweet popcorn, watching movies, comfy jumpers, socks, Alexander Henry fabric.


Floral prints, tomato ketchup (yes really), the dark.

I’m totally self-taught, I got my first sewing machine at the age of 16 and have slowly but surely progressed from simple cushions and homewares, to curtains, then easy garments such as skirts, onto dress shirts and coats. There’s no stopping me now… no piece of fabric is safe!

Join me as I attempt to make all the things 🙂


8 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I’ve seen some of your things on Face Book and love them. Our fabric styles are different, which is not to say I dislike yours, it’s just that mine are different. I, too, am self taught. Started sewing by hand at 15 yrs. old and am now 60 something. I like corderoys in the winter time and love your latest pattern. I have yardage I got on sale from Mood and the pattern and fabric jumped into my brain like the perfect marriage. I’m going to attempt to get that pattern over here; if not, I’ll try to find something similar. I’m so happy to be here.


    1. Ahh thank you Camille! I love to see all different styles of fabric, it’s amazing to see so many different variations of a garment! Self taught is the best, right?! I think it gives you more freedom to experiment and find the ways that work for you, rather than being told ‘this is the way it’s done’. I hope to be sewing until the day I die 🙂 You can get the pattern as a pdf, if not I think Named do ship their printed patterns worldwide. I’m excited to see your version – what’s the fabric like that you got from Mood?


  2. Hi Sarah. Sweet blog. You might be able to use gun bluing on your metal snaps next time to vintage them up a bit. Terri


    1. Ooh, I’d not heard of that – thanks for the tip! (Had to google what it was, lol) Glad you like the blog! ?


  3. Hi Sarah. Just been introduced to your blog by fb sewing group I’m in. I’m in my sixties, been sewing since teens, used to make lots of things for others (I’m always better at making things for others because I can FIT as I go) I’ve made all sorts, from wedding dresses to cushions, etc. But I’m an old fogey! My daughter sews too, and like you, buys fabric online. WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR BUTTONHOLE SPACER OUTERER??!! I’ve never seen one! LOVE the husbeast’s shirts! Fabulous fabrics, beautifully made! I’ve sent a link to my daughter, because I’m sure she’ll live your bonkerishness too!
    Maggie the coach driver, Devon ??


    1. Hi Maggie! Ahh I’m so glad you’ve found the blog! (And even happier that you like it! ?)
      Wowwwww you’ve made wedding dresses?! That’s insane! You’re one talented lady! And you’re absolutely NOT an old fogey… age is just a number ☺️ I’m so glad you’ve passed your sewing talents on to your daughter, I hope she enjoys the blog too ?
      The husbeast is a lucky man with all those shirts, eh? ? Shirts were definitely a learning curve I tell ya, those collars and collar stands used to give me jip. I’ve got better at them now, but the first one was a complete shambles ?
      Ooh where did I get my button hole gauge… Sew Essential (online) I believe – SUCH a good tool! Can’t believe I used to faff about with a ruler ??
      I bet you get some lovely scenery down in Devon – enjoy the driving! ?


  4. I noticed that Joel and Sons is having a faux fur sale and thought of you. There are savings of up to 82%.


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